Q: What if the stylist I request isn’t available?
A: If the stylist you request isn’t available, we will perform a search on your behalf to find alternative options. Before proposing any substitute stylists to you, we will personally confirm their availability. Note- If the replacement stylist is more expensive than the original stylist you booked with, we will honor the original pricing.
Q: Can I book an appointment the day of?
A: Asapfancy.com does not allow same day bookings. We ask that you book at least 24 hours in advance. *This is an emergency- I really need an appointment today! Trust us, we’ve had those days! Asapfancy team will do just about anything for our clients. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll try our hardest to meet your styling needs
Q: I’m not particular about who I hire. Can you choose someone for me?
A: We certainly can. We encourage clients to find the best stylist to fit their specific needs, but we understand that some women simply don’t have time to browse profiles. Please email [email protected] with appointment details and a preferred price range and we will send you suggestions based on your needs and stylist availability.
Q: Can you recommend someone?
A: We sure can! With so much talent on the site, it can be an overwhelming decision and we’re happy to make it as easy as possible for you! Shoot us an email ([email protected]) with some basic appointment needs and we’ll send you a handful of recommendations
Q: Will stylists be able to come to my house in the suburbs?
A: We currently operate exclusively in New York City and Chicago proper. If you have a large party (2+ clients) in need of services, email us ([email protected]) and we’ll see what we can do!